Client Service Proposition

At Christie Financial Planning Limited, we are continually striving to add value to the services we offer our clients. Just as our business has grown and evolved, we appreciate that the financial objectives of our clients will also change over time.

While wishing to treat all clients fairly, we recognise that it is not possible to continue to work on the basis that one size fits all, particularly with the ever-increasing complexity – and litigious nature – of the financial services industry. It is quite evident that a client who requires advise on the investment of a capital sum will need more specialised assistance than one who wishes to effect a life assurance policy. Correspondingly, a different charge would also apply in these two situations.

In an effort to adhere to the principle of ‘Treating Customers Fairly’, espoused by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, we have developed our own ‘Client Service Proposition’. This constitutes two different levels, and is designed to allow our clients to choose the service level most appropriate to their individual needs.

The two levels are:

‘Standard’ (Typical portfolio: £100,000-£300,000)

‘Bespoke’ (Typical portfolio: £300,000 plus)